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Weight loss packages are a great way for clients to achieve their desired weight loss goals.

Depending on the package chosen, the client can receive personalized nutrition counseling, one-on-one coaching, and access to a range of exercise programs and lifestyle advice.

These packages can also include meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists to make it easier for clients to stick to their goals. With the right package, clients can get the support and guidance they need to reach their weight loss goals.

for starters


This plan includes an initial consultation with a medical professional, during which a personalized plan will be developed based on your individual needs and goals. 
The plan may include a low-calorie diet, with meal replacement options, regular exercise, and FDA-approved appetite suppressants. Additionally, this plan includes regular check-ins with the medical professional to monitor progress, provide support and adjust the plan as needed.

for enthusiasts


This plan builds on the basic plan with additional features such as weekly or bi-weekly appointments with a nutritionist to fine-tune your diet and provide support, as well as regular monitoring of body composition, such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and more, using bioimpedance analysis (BIA). 
This plan also includes Lipo-B injections, to speed up the fat burning process and support liver function.




This plan is the most comprehensive and is tailored to provide maximum support for weight loss. 
It includes everything in the enhanced plan, as well as additional features such as additional personal training sessions, counseling sessions with a behavioral therapist, who will help you to overcome emotional eating and help you with the psychological aspects of weight loss, as well as genetic testing to evaluate the risk of weight loss resistance and to help personalize the treatment.


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Please note

Please keep in mind that these are examples, and the specific components of a medical weight loss plan can vary depending on the individual’s needs, goals, and medical history.

Also, it is important to consult with a qualified medical professional to determine the most appropriate weight loss plan for you.